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Increasing demand for Clean Air

Results from a new survey indicate that people in India broadly support measures for clean air. The survey was conducted in five countries- India, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Poland and Great Britain and the results have been published in a new briefing called Breathing Space. The briefing highlights the close connections between COVID-19 and air pollution, and […]
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air ionizer for infectious disease

Air Ionizers for Infectious Disease & Odor Problems

Air ionizers are good device for Veterinary Clinic, Animal Hospitals, Kennels Grooming, Pet Shops for Odor removal, Infectious Disease. Because these places have high levels of viruses and bacteria along with the filthy odour of these animals. The Air ionizers best known for removing viruses and bacteria from air. Most common canine infectious tracheo bronchitis […]
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Are Ionizers Effective in Fighting COVID-19?

Anything that could help fight the COVID-19 pandemic is welcome. Ionizer can trap airborne bacteria and viruses as negative ions bond with them, forcing them to settle on surfaces. How Effective Are Air Ionizers Really? Air ionizer are not new technology. They have been around for long and have often been used as filter less […]
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Now a day’s people resort to measures like blocking ventilation vents, doors and windows to prevent air pollution from sleeping inside the house. Homes without ventilation end up using more energy for cooling and heating needs. As indoor air pollution also has many in-house causes, like kitchen activities, dust hiding in upholstery and linen etc. […]
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With the expanding cases of COVID-19 all over the world, the more governments are moving in the direction of a fix. The quest for an immunization, straightforward home cures proceeds for example, staying inside, cleanliness and keeping away from swarmed spots can help you and your family remain safe in this pandemic. So ,here are […]
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