With the expanding cases of COVID-19 all over the world, the more governments are moving in the direction of a fix. The quest for an immunization, straightforward home cures proceeds for example, staying inside, cleanliness and keeping away from swarmed spots can help you and your family remain safe in this pandemic. So ,here are some tips to protect  yourself from coronavirus.

DO’S :

The safety measures you should remember to provide yourself shield from the episode.

1- Hand wash

Hand wash for 30 seconds will help you from germs or any sort of contamination. Use sanitizer or cleanser for better cleanliness.

2- Always cover nose and mouth whenever you go outside

Covering your mouth and nose while staying outdoors helps you to be safe. Coronavirus parts spread mostly through water droplets from mouth and nose.

3- When you feel sick, counsel a Doctor

If you are experiencing a typical cold, hack, queasiness, difficulty in breathing then make a point to counsel a specialist as soon as possible.

4- Stay indoors

Avoid crowded places. Ensure that you cover yourself properly while travelling. Staying inside is a protected choice.


An infection that is as dangerous as a viral fever and big influenza should be treated with most extreme affectability. Here are something’s that you consider not doing.

1- Avoid close contact with anyone


Try not to come in contact with anybody closely likewise, carry your face mask and sanitizer when out with a companion or family.

2- Try not to spit

Spitting can expand the spread of infection. Do not spit in open places or homes.

3- Avoid using public transport

Using public transport can make you contaminated. Use an anti pollution mask and carry sanitizer everywhere you go. Try to think not going by public transport, take your own vehicle and stay safe.

4- Do not touch your face

Try to avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, wash your hands with soap or use sanitizer this will benefit you.

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