How does an air ionizer work?

Natural environments are rich in negative ions. This is precisely the principle on which the air ionizer is based on. However, do you know how this technology manages to capture the pollution particles contained in the indoor air to purify your home? If the functioning of an ionizer remains a mystery to you, follow us! We’re going to take a look at it. It’s going to do you good to get some fresh air! 🍃

Zoom in on how an air ionizer works

There are several types of air purifiers. Of these, filter-based air purifiers are the most common: they draw in air and pass it through one (or more) filters that capture pollutants. Air ionizers work in a way that, at first glance, may seem mysterious. They do not suck in air, and there is no fan! To better understand it, we will take a closer look at how an air ionizer works.

On the program: five main principles to keep in mind in order to get a clearer idea. Ready, set, read! 🤓

1. An eco-responsible choice that rhymes with energy savings

An air ionizer is based on the diffusion of negative ions in the indoor air. This is when everything changes… in the right direction of course!

The SPACE SANITIZER air ionizer works continuously. This is part of an eco-responsible approach that benefits your health, your energy bill and the planet. Indeed, when it comes to capturing particles in the air (bacteria, smoke, odors, viruses, etc.), you will spend less resources to purify your home than with a conventional filter.

Designed to last at least 3 years, a Crestkiting’s Ionizer (Space Sanitizer) purifies the air using very few resources (only 1.5 Watts of energy, no consumables…). The initial investment is therefore profitable for the planet and your wallet!

The initial investment has a cost (compared to the alternative options, the air purifiers with filters for example). However, with use and over the long term, you’ll eventually cover your costs and receive the benefits.

If you’re thinking of cleaning the air in your home, this is one option to spend less and take a committed step towards the ecological transition.🌳

2. The goal: to purify the air in your home… but not only!

You need firstly to know the purpose of an air ionizer: to purify the air in your home by restoring the conditions in which negative ions are formed in the purest environments on the planet. These negative ions act as natural de pollutants.

Quick reminder: negative ions (anions) are formed under the influence of natural causes: the natural energy of the soil, the friction of the air on the trees, the photosynthesis of the plants, the impact of water. For example on beaches or near a waterfall, we have the sensation of breathing better thanks to the richness in negative ions in these natural environments.

nd don’t forget! Space Sanitizer technology is indeed different from others: a Space Sanitizer ionizer produces negative ions that are safe, and even have the reputation of being beneficial to your health without the emission of ozone or other oxidizing gases.

So we better recreate a natural system!


3. Negative ions: what underlies SPACE SANITIZER’s technology

Purifying the air by recreating the conditions of naturally pure environments is the key objective of an air ionizer. To achieve this, SPACE SANITIZER’s technology relies on needles embedded in a special geometric and electrostatic conformation, called ion optics. Why is that? Well, because this ion optics forms a high electric field that triggers a chain reaction allowing the formation of negative ions. Beyond that, ion optics limits this electric field to an operating regime that prevents the generation of active chemicals such as ozone.

In the air, negative ions form clusters with the water molecules present (even in so-called “dry” air, there’s at least 30% relative humidity). These clusters are harmless, even if inhaled! Rest assured, the oxidizing potential of the air has been measured at 5 cm from SPACE SANITIZER air ionizers. . It’s identical to that of the air without an ionizer.


In short: the Crestkiting’ s Ionizers diffuses negative ions into your home and attacks the particles in the air through a plasma over-containment system. 

4. And how it works… with plasma over-confinement

A plasma over-confinement? Okay! We explain how this system captures the pollution particles around you.


Everything happens at the needle level. The plasma on the Crestkiting air ionizers is confined to a sub millimeter volume. The principle is to have a high potential to create negative ions in the air. Put one of your fingers on the tip of a needle… And ta-da, magic! This over-confinement of plasma looks like a bluish halo

5. An operation called… the ionic wind!

The Crestkiting air ionizer (Space Sanitizer) electrostatically repels ions that are attracted to the surrounding “masses” (in an electrical sense). The ionized air produces a movement of the air called the ionic wind.

raveling through the air in a room, the negative ions created by Space Sanitizer air ionizer are electrostatically attracted to the particles floating in it. In doing so, the ions charge (again electrostatically) the particles in the air and press them against electrically grounded surfaces, especially the floor. This is why it’s recommended to dust these surfaces during your regular cleaning routine.

Good to know! Due to their size, the particles adhere to surfaces and can only be removed by mechanical action: vacuuming, rubbing or cleaning with water. Therefore, these particles don’t return to the air and skin contact is not harmful nor is inhalation.

Hint for use and particularly useful information

Now that you know everything about how a Crestkiting’s Ionizer works, other questions arise. How do you know if your ionizer is working? Here are a few tips and tricks you should know about optimal operation and maintenance to give you peace of mind! Don’t overlook them; they can make all the difference…

Check if everything is working optimally!

There are at least three ways to ensure that your Crestkiting’s Ionizer (SPACE SANITIZER)  is working properly on a daily basis:

• Put your hand a few centimeters away from the ionic optics, it’s possible to feel the “ionic wind”;

• Put your ear close to one of the ionic optics, you may hear a slight sizzling sound;

• Slowly put your finger a few millimeters closer to one of the needles at the bottom of an ion optic, it’s also possible to hear a slight sizzling sound and to see the tip of the needle turn blue in a dark environment!

These operations allow you to quickly identify any anomaly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us!

The key to a healthy Space Sanitizer

Undoubtedly, it’s to maintain it with care! All you have to do is dust it regularly: two to four times a year depending on the level of pollution in your environment.

Use a small towel, a feather duster, a soft brush or a non-fibrous cloth… Form a coarse point by folding the cloth, place the point into each ionic cone and then gently turn the cloth to remove any dirt.

That’s it! Hope that’s clear 😀


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